Renaming FCM's Technology Suite to FCMCONNECT

Media Releases 02 Mar 2017

An exciting new concept and naming convention for the FCM Travel Solutions’ technology suite has been developed. This new initiative was launched at the London Business Travel Show the week from 22 February 2017. FCMCONNECT becomes the new branded name for our technology product suite including the categories of Portal, Profile, Mobile, Online Booking Tool, Reporting and Analytic, Approve and Travel Risk Management.

FCMCONNECT is all about ‘technology that moves you’. Our interconnected technology streamlines all facets of our client’s travel program in order to move them and their travellers forward. Our travellers, bookers and managers are all connected to our people and our technology - Connected Traveller, Connected Booker and Connected Manager.

Feedback from the Show will determine the approach for the global rollout of FCMCONNECT which is expected to take place in May 2017. This will also include a review of existing technology product names with any further changes to be communicated as part of the rollout. As a result of this change the FCM360 name will no longer be used.