Changes to Perth Airport including visa requirements for international transiting passengers

Travel News 28 Mar 2018

From 24 March 2018, Qantas international flights has started to operate from the Terminal 3 and 4 (T3/T4) precinct at Perth Airport, moving away from Perth Terminal 1 (T1) where all other international airlines operate. The integrated Perth T3/T4 hub will include all of Qantas’ international and domestic flights and is physically separated from T1 by a 15-minute drive. No airside transfer facility is available. Overall, we anticipate Qantas passengers will have a smoother experience due to the changes.

What does this mean for international transiting passengers?

    International transiting passengers connecting between Qantas operated and other airlines' international flights will need to obtain a visa or electronic travel authority (ETA) prior to arriving in Australia in order to move between terminals.
    If international passengers are travelling on connecting flights via Perth including one international flight operated by Qantas and one international flight on another airline, they must obtain a visa or ETA prior to travel in order to transit through Perth. This type of international booking is uncommon.
    Previously, certain nationalities have been eligible to transit through Australia without a visa if their international connecting flight is in less than eight hours. Due to the location of international terminals in Perth, these customers will now be required to ‘enter’ Australia, and will require a visa.

Example scenario: International passengers travelling on a non-Qantas flight from Auckland-Perth and connecting onto Qantas' Perth-London service will require an Australian visa due to the distance between T1 and T3/T4. After arriving on another international airline at T1, connecting passengers will need to go through Immigration, collect their bags and proceed through Customs and Biosecurity before exiting the terminal. The passenger will then take a Perth Airport shuttle bus from T1 to T3/T4 for their Qantas International flight, and vice versa.