Global In-Flight Wi-Fi Coverage Will Grow in 2017

Travel News 07 Feb 2017

In-flight Wi-Fi is available on 39 percent of available seat miles globally and 83 percent of U.S. carriers' ASMs, according to Routehappy's 2017 Wi-Fi Report.

Globally, the number of carriers that offer in-flight Wi-Fi is 70, 11 more than at this time last year. Coverage should increase further this year, as several major global airlines reached agreements in 2016 to add or expand Wi-Fi, according to the report. "2016 was the year that airlines outside the U.S. committed to high-quality in-flight Wi-Fi at a rate only previously seen by U.S. carriers, and 2017 will see those commitments come to life," Routehappy CEO Robert Albert said.

Delta, United Airlines and Emirates offer the most Wi-Fi-enabled ASMs. Virgin America was the only U.S. carrier to have Wi-Fi available on 100 percent of its flights, according to Routehappy. Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America in December. As the report came out, JetBlue announced completion of Wi-Fi installation on all its planes, though the service is available only when flying above the contiguous U.S. On flights longer than 2,800 miles, Emirates, United and Lufthansa have the most expansive Wi-Fi offerings, the report indicated.

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