Korean Air regulates smart luggage with lithium-ion batteries

Travel News 29 Jan 2018

Korean Air has started regulating passengers from checking-in and carrying-on smart luggage.

Smart luggage includes features and devices such as USB chargers, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS, auto locking system and motorized wheels.

As smart luggage with non-removable lithium-ion batteries may pose a fire hazard risk, and in accordance with the regulations issued by IATA, Korean Air now prohibits passengers from checking-in or carrying smart luggage with non-removable batteries onto the aircraft.

Smart luggage with removable batteries will be allowed as checked baggage, under the condition that the batteries are uninstalled prior to check-in and carried separately on board.

While passengers are still able to bring carry-on smart luggage on board, if the batteries are removable and remain installed.


Source: Asia Travel Tips