TSA pre-check expansion

Travel News 09 Mar 2018

The Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck ‘trusted traveller’ program offers expedited screening at airports to members. This allows them access to faster moving lines and reduced screening in exchange for volunteering information prior to arrival.

A five-year membership fee of $85 plus a recurring, allows individuals to avoid taking off their shoes or removing their laptop from carry-on luggage during security screenings, which can be of great convenience to frequent business travellers. More than four million fliers currently enrolled in the program show the demand in the business travel industry for minimizing the hassle and stress of the security process.

Membership after the initial five-year period will be charged at $17 annually. Following their harmonization last year, those enrolled with Customs & Border Protection’s ‘Global Entry’ program also automatically become members of TSA PreCheck. Currently this service is available in more than 200 U.S. airports.

The biggest hurdle for travellers is the two-step application process. An online payment and application must be lodged, followed by an in-person interview at one of the TSA’s 300 application centres, or at one of the 1400 IdentGO mobile processing facilities.

Although initially available only to travellers on U.S. airlines it has proven persistently popular, and the TSA has been expanding the scheme to cover more and more carriers.

The latest airlines to become eligible are AirFrance, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Philippine Airlines and Caribbean Sun. They join a list of participating airlines that includes many other major global carriers, such as Aeromexico, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Emirates, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Singapore and Virgin Atlantic.

TSA PreCheck Participanting Airlines:

    Air Canada
    Air France
    All Nippon Airways
    American Airlines
    Cathay Pacific Airways
    Delta Air Lines
    Etihad Airways
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    Korean Air
    Philippine Airlines
    Singapore Airlines
    United Airlines