You won’t hear any final call announcements at Changi Airport from Jan 1 – here’s why

Travel News 05 Jan 2018

If you’re the sort that relies on final call announcements at Changi Airport to keep tabs on making it to your boarding gate on time, you’ll soon have to watch your own clock if you don’t want to miss your flight.

From Jan 1, final call announcements for passengers to head to their boarding gates and the paging of specific passengers will no longer be done at all four terminals, said the Changi Airport Group (CAG) in a statement on Wednesday (Dec 27).

The only announcements you will hear are essential ones such as those pertaining to emergencies, lost and found children and passports, flight delays, and gate and belt changes.

This is aimed at focusing attention on more critical announcements and to create a more relaxed environment for passengers by reducing the number of announcements made by 50%, added the statement.

Currently, each terminal sees an average of one announcement being made about every five minutes.

CAG said it benchmarked other airports around the world which have implemented the same initiative such as Hong Kong Airport, Munich Airport and Brussels Airport.
Have no fear if you forget your wristwatch or mobile phone and don’t know what time it is.

Changi Airport has you covered with more than 600 analogue and digital clocks in both ublic and transit areas in all four terminals. So, no excuses.

Changi Airport will handle more than 60 million passenger movements in 2017 and numbers are expected to grow in the coming years.

The statement said: “With more flights and passengers, maintaining the present frequency of announcements will mean noisier terminals and more interruptions in time to come.”

“One concern is that passengers may pay less attention to the announcements made over the public address system, crowding out the more critical announcements.”

Source: Business Insider