FCM Global Fare finder:

Apart from using the usual GDS (Global Distribution System) and associated tools, dedicated FCM Travel Consultants will also have access to cross border fares negotiated by us and displayed in our global airfare database. This will ensure best fare availability in which your company benefits.

Fare Search - cross-border faring enables us to offer the best fares possible wherever travelers are going. In an industry where there is much legacy and moderate change, basic service offerings are a given. FCM takes the next step further in providing intelligent and intuitive excellence in service, a measurable service level agreement and actual calculated cost savings measurement for you. Not only do we provide exceptional service, we have the proven ability and solutions to offer a cost savings potential.

Travel Consultant must retrieve the appropriate traveler profile after identifying the traveler and prior to commencement of a booking. If a travel profile is not available, the Travel Consultant must request the traveler/ travel arranger to submit a completed profile prior to the completion of the booking and ticket issue. Processing of all travel reservations on the GDS including flights, hotel, rail, travel insurance, ground transport, meet and greet services and car rental in accordance with the travel policy.

Travelers Frequent Flyer, car rental and hotel loyalty program numbers will be inserted in the PNR. Pre-assigned seating, special meals and any other relevant information will be actioned in line with the Traveller Profile. The traveler should be advised if special requests or preference are on request or not confirmed. Travel documents (electronic) must be delivered to the traveler at least 24 hours prior to departure (for non urgent bookings)

Two to Three options must be provided in accordance with your travel policy.

Written quotations must be emailed to the traveler / travel arranger within agreed response times as stipulated in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the following details:

  • a) Itinerary, airlines, booking class and cost including taxes and fuel surcharges
  • b) Transaction / service fee for the booking
  • c) Merchant fee for credit card payments
  • d) Reminder that fares are subject to change until a booking is made and ticketed
  • e) Fare conditions and restrictions within the ticketing time limit
  • f) Ticketing deadline advised must be one day prior to that stipulated by the airline (where airline class allows)

Written confirmation of preferred option must be obtained from the traveler/ travel arranger prior to completion of the booking. An itinerary will be sent to the traveler confirmation details and highlighting the Ticketing Time Limit (TTL).

Ticketing Time Limit. Your Travel Consultant is responsible and accountable for all issued tickets. In case there are tickets in option with a deadline, he or she will inform you by phone or email. If there is no feedback from our client he or she will look for the possibility to extend the ticket issue date but if, for any reason, this is not possible you will receive an email detailing the specifics.

Self Tickets Issuances If the statement is correct, time is money, we sure want to make a point of it. We are proud to reveal the following airlines acknowledging our partnership: Air France KLM - Cathay Pacific - China Airlines - Japan Airlines - Lufthansa - Malaysia Airlines - Qatar Airways - Singapore Airlines - Thai Airways - United Airlines - Vietnam Airlines

Waiting list procedure If flights requested are full, a waitlist and alternative flight option will be offered. Waiting lists will be manually checked daily by the dedicated Travel Consultant. The waiting list flight will come on the service log to ensure the traveler receives a respond in writing. The traveler will get priority on the waiting list when the company has a corporate program with specific airline and the level of the Frequent Flyer Number.


Private jet and luxury Air charter services

FCM Vietnam introduces a truly unique private jet travel concept for business travelers or jetsetters. We are working with our international private jet charter specialist to specialize in on-demand point-to-point charter flights in Asia and abroad. Our international private jet charter specialists consistently delivers the most in-depth local knowledge, worldwide.

FCM Vietnam private jet charter specialist's network of luxurious private jets are strategically positioned throughout the world, giving you a greater range of convenience and accessibility. Take advantage of our extensive network of certified aircraft and fly out in a moment’s notice. They are well-equipped to provide you with an aircraft solution that best matches your travel plans, wherever you are.