CSR Policy

Supporting our communities

The global FCM Community program ensures we play a supportive role in the areas where we operate. It is also a fundamental part of FCM's Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which helps guide healthy partnerships with our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the environment. Around the world, we aim to give back to the community by channeling our efforts through the following-

FCM Care

This is our global project that helps support local communities. We have a vast range of FCM Care initiatives in place around the world with our volunteers travelling to places such as Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal and India to help build vital infrastructure.
As part of the initiative, FCM has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, an international organisation that builds and renovates houses to provide needy families with more secure, earthquake and fire resistant homes. For each project, our FCM volunteers work alongside Habitat for Humanity partners to construct homes for disadvantaged families.

FCM Corporate Innovator

This program is designed to invest in our leaders of tomorrow. It includes our support for local entrepreneurs and business initiatives, including training colleges, educational programs and corporate awards.

FCM Sustainable Futures

FCM shares the growing worldwide concern for our environment. Through FCM Sustainable Futures, we play an active role in protecting local natural resources, with our activities ranging from tree planting to carbon emission offset programs. FCM Sustainable Futures also includes the day-to-day actions that uphold FCM's environmental policy.

FCM's Environmental Policy

In all parts of the world, FCM Travel Solutions values its natural and urban environments. Sound environmental practices form an important part of our sustainable development policy and we are committed to protecting our surrounding environs in our day-to-day operations.
We aim to nurture a corporate culture in which all members of our global family respect the environment, and play a willing role in our protection of the environment.